Sales Optimization


High Performance Talent Management

Orca Talent builds hiring machines for our clients. We provide tools to attract, evaluate, interview, score, decision, hire and track performance for high performance sales organizations.

What We Do

  • Drive sales through perfect hires
  • Install systematic scoring and accountability processes
  • Produce real time decision dashboards
  • Crush subjective, traditional hiring practices

Why We Do It

Typical interview and hiring practices do not distinguish performers from non-performers, often resulting in ineffective and costly hires. The key to building a winning organization is to use a proven method that consistently attracts, vets, and hires the All Stars who drive sales.

Orca Talent

Orca Talent, a ZRG Company, was founded on the idea that the hiring process was frustrating for all involved. The traditional approach to hiring needed an overhaul. We blew up the traditional "gut-feel" approach to hiring and talent management.