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In a highly competitive sales environment, having a best in class sales organization is your strongest asset.

ZRG Partners provides clients talent optimization services to drive sales productivity, reduce turnover and maximize revenue opportunities.

  • Do you have the right people on the team today?

  • Are you matching the role with the right values, abilities and skill sets?

  • Do you have a best in class, structured hiring process to interview, assess and vet candidates leading to fact based decisions?

We provide tools to attract, evaluate, interview, score, decision, hire and manage high performance sales organizations. We help you generate accurate hiring decisions and powerful performance management through real-time data-driven approach.



1. Quality of sales force assessment

ZRG experts provide an outside perspective of your current sales team’s DNA.  We evaluate their values, abilities, and skills using state-of-the-art assessment tools and benchmark this against best practices.  We leverage this insight with our innovative IP to offer a holistic perspective of your sales organization.


2. hiring process review

We assess your current hiring process and help design a best in class approach using state of the art tools, technology, interview techniques and decision approaches to hiring resulting in a blueprint for hiring success.


3. sales talent identification

We accurately identify required values, abilities, skills, and interests required to succeed.  We do this with sales competency models, success profiles and psychometric assessments.


4. salgorithm

We hard code your custom formula for success by turning these processes into a decisioning algorithm to supplement your hiring process.  You are then able to combine a sales algorithm process into your hiring process to make consistent, data-driven hiring decisions resulting in sales team members with the highest chance of success.


5. orca iq

Use our state of the art sales hiring platform to interview, assess and make decisions with ease and convenience.  Orca IQ also has support for performance management, coaching and onboarding support.  These tools align sales strategy with the objectives of the business.


6. sales recruitment and sourcing

We offer hiring solutions for sales buildouts, which includes senior level retained search, mid-level sales search, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and project work to help clients build their own internal talent departments.  We bring the tools to solve how you hire the right sales people.




Our data-driven approach leads to accurate hiring decisions.

Our depth of experience in both vertical industry specialities combined with our functional sales experience combines for a winning combination to drive revenue.

  • insights: we leverage our insights, best practices, and benchmarks from our PROPRIETARY global data warehouse. 

  • global: our firm performed work in 33 countries last year.

  • sector experience: we have sales optimization experience within the following industries:

  • Technology

  • Private Equity & Venture Capital

  • Life Sciences

  • Healthcare

  • Sales & Channel Management

  • collegiate and professional athletics

  • Industrial

  • Consumer

  • Education

  • Aerospace

  • Financial Services

  • Cyber Security