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Orca Talent has one simple mission: Sales Optimization


The “gut-feel” approach to hiring top talent does not work. Typical interview and hiring practices do not distinguish performers from non-performers, often resulting in ineffective and costly hires. The key to building a winning sales organization is to use a proven method that consistently attracts, vets, and hires the All Stars who drive sales. Orca Talent utilizes this method to drastically improve the effectiveness of your current sales team.


What is better than having the right person in the right seat? Having the entire team in the right seat, motivated and properly aligned to the strategy. Orca Talent has an innovative, data-based method to help you identify and hire the most talented salespeople who are best suited to your company. The result is a more effective sales organization that will consistently drive higher sales.



Orca Talent uses the revolutionary Qsync® process to optimize sales. By using the latest in technology, Qsync® overcomes the traditional hiring mistakes of other outdated hiring methods. Data and analytics make hiring decisions far more accurate, ensuring that only those who will consistently add value are hired. The Qsync® process not only improves the quality of the hire, but also reduces time to hire and leadership time resulting in meaningful cost savings. Orca Talent is solving the most significant sales challenges: hiring the right people and retaining them long term.


It is better to act too quickly than to wait too long.
— Jack Welch, GE